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Hi BenBishop

The beast was one of my earlier works. It was meant to scare the living crap out of you, not to make you laugh. What's wrong with you ?

This system of appending author's names to presets is flawed. It may have worked in the beginning, but with mashups of mashups of mashups, it became unmanageable, even with good will. I recognize my own code quite well and find it in thousands of presets, only a few of them listing my name. No problem with that.

On those presets you mention, with just a number as name: I believe these are from Arturro K, 2010. He was looking for a specific style he could use as DJ, without people noticing it was milkdrop. He published a collection of a few hundred mashups & tweaks of other author's presets, not particularly original, but quite matched as a collection. You'll easily find his original posts, only 13 in total. The attachments however were lost in a forum upgrade together with many others.
Anyway, he did not use his own name, neither credited the original authors, so why should you bother ?
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