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Hi Nitorami,

Thank you very much for having taken time to answer, which is gold info to the newbie I am.
I am learning everyday about Milkdrop because I started to use it more than lately (ah, u right..after everybody, ok....). Anyway, I am very pleased to understand that this forum is a place where it is still possible to have contacts with the Milkdrop designers.
I am a musician and have very little knowledge about visualizers, coding, or any know-how to do with that area of creation. So, my presence here is just leaded by one word : respect.

As far as "the beast" is concerned, well, absolutely sorry to disappoint you , I suppose I am kinda non conventional personnality (I won't go further...not the place..), since one strong "out of the line" experience changed my way to see things about almost everything, I am often laughing at things supposing to be frightening (unless they re actually dangerous, of course, I am not that crazy... I nevertheless admit that fears (and desires..) are the 2 nipples of global culture shaping, and your beast is an incredible design work for a visualizer, actually amazing...

The author's names appending system should have worked for a time..sure. I can understand the circumstances which led to kinda chaos in the preset registry. I could read some preset names composed of full sentences, dealing with...what the fuck!...those guys are crazy! haha, sometimes it's funny, or scaring, or disturbing, outrageous, or...romantic, or too much personnal to be written here, or whatever, in one word, chaos. That is not making things easier to find the original author. My obsession to find the original author is due to the need to correctly crediting people who are involved in those designs, because I am currently working on videos for the music I am producing (i am not a DJ, but an electronic music composer since 1998, see, including Milkdrop visuals. That's the serious part of me. I want to be able to credit in a loyal way, and resilient too.That means including author's names inside the videos and in the description (so still appearing if the video would be embedded somewhere else than my YT. ), and this is not easy to find real names when you have only a number. I believe crediting is not an option.
You gave me a name : Arturro. ok, thank you for this info. I am going to try to find his 13 posts and try to contact him if that is possible.
I would have a question : does the tone you use speaking about him supposes that this guy hasn't be able to respect original creator's work with not writing the names in the titles of presets? I can understand that would be kinda embarrassing, especially for original code creators.
I am not that kind of guy.. I will always do my possible to be respectfull with the work of others, for a good reason, I wouldn't want others to do crap with mine. I actually think that the original code used by this guy to create personnal preset should be credited properly, that's the reson why i asked for help. If I can't do something else, i may be would credit this guy, but if I can credit the code creator or original designer, it seems to be far more honnest to me.

If you are absolutely sure that a noname credit should be a better solution, I can do this but it is not my first choice.

Anyway, thanks again, and please, Nitorami, would you remind me of your name as milkdrop designer, i am not sure (and not experienced enough here) to see who you are in the Mildrop team.
Hope i am not anoying with all my blabla. All this is very funny. Thank you for the time spend here.
Musically, Benoit
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