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Hi Martin,

Everything's crystal clear.

I'm just going to credit in the best way possible.

By the way, I came back yesterday to Milkdrop visualizer, and found 2 or 3 alternative presets for "the attack of the beast. The first one I was dealing with previously was named simply "the attack of the beast". During my Milkdrop "session", this time, I have been impressed (hehe, things change) by "attack of the beast (1)". It is possible that I could have a special track, that would, according to me, match with it. I could make a cool (and scary )video with that, but I think it would be fair if you see it, so you could approve it or not, before any kind of upload.
If you agree, I could just send you a temporary link to preview. If you disagree, absolutely no problem, the idea will go in a drawer, for an eternal rest.

As far as the other videos (I am currently working on with some Milkdrop code) are concerned, I am going for sure to give the upload link here, when they will be finalized. There too, if someone see a problem (I have understand there should not be, but), just explain why and I will do the necessary corrections.

Thanks for all your precisions, this helps a lot.

regards, Ben.
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