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Hi Nitorami/Martin.

Proud to report the attack of the Beast makes a special appearance every time I do a slot at this annual outdoor gig we do at the height of summer here in New Zealand, way out in the country on a riverbank with a huge cliff as a screen. The gig is called TANIWHA'S DEN. A Taniwha is a powerful mythical demigod beast that lives in the water according to Maori legend and is usually far from benevolent.
And yes it does freak the hell out of some people at 2am (eternal) depending on their state of mind. Sunset over the river and night in the forest are also a great fit.
I'm so pleased you are still popping out presets as you're my favourite preset author. I'm gonna have a hunt through your posts and collect up this last years *.milk's to add to the collection.
Milks are just one layer in several that get mixed up together using old school vision mixers, hands on button pushing, scrubbing and lever action.
It's an art that I don't practice much these days, I started in the 90's and I'm usually bathing the kids and making school lunches instead of thinking about VJ setups.

Any way, just wanna say thanks for keeping the faith and supplying such great material.
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