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Not until someone here posts confirmation that a bug has been reproduced.
Repeatedly/rapidly switching vis/vid is not recommended, especially if you're using cpu-intensive AVS (does it also happen with Milkdrop, or are you using some other 3rd-party vis?), and it's also something that 99% of users wouldn't normally do.
What is your graphics card/chip & drivers version?
Which vis plugin? avs, milkdrop, other/all?
I personally can't reproduce either bug. Anyone else?
[edit] reading your reply below, I can't reproduce *that* either [/edit]
[edit2] I can't reproduce any of the other problems reported below either [/edit2]
[edit3] I've done my bit. I'm outta here [/edit3]


Re: problems with modern/freeform skins.
Close Winamp
Delete studio.xnf (main winamp dir)
Edit winamp.ini as follows:
Winamp should now open with the default classic skin.
Do the errors/problems still occur if you try to switch to modern skin(s)?
(note: all default sizes/position are restored by deleting studio.xnf)

If the problem persists:
Backup -> Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure

Note: there ARE known issues with some 3rd-party freeform skins.
Such is the nature of beta software.
Please do not report these issues here.
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