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Another bug, maybe related to the above. Somehow, when I double click the Main Window (to go to windowshade mode), the main window simply disappears. Gone. My playlist remains, however, and I can right-click the playlist to bring up a context menu.

In the menu, Main Window is still "checked", however. If I were to uncheck it and check it again, there is no effect, the window is still not there.

If I right-click the Winamp 5 bar in my taskbar, and then select "Move" (a common way to retrieve "lost" windows pushed off the screen), I drag in a puny blob of the Classic Winamp window, relating to the blob bug mentioned in page 8.

I have tried deleting studio.xnf and also winamp.ini... but no effect.

I know this may have something to do with the "Link Position and Width" thing, but I like my Winamp position unlinked, which unfortunately causes the problem...
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