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In Winamp 5.03, when selecting a font under "TrueType Replacement for Winamp Charset bitmap fonts" under Preferences->Skins->Modern Skins->Font Rendering, if you select a font in position X in the list (where X is under 31), the actual font selected is X+4. For fonts 31-34, the count wraps, so 31 becomes 1, 32 becomes 2, etc.

For me, the last font that this bug happens with is "ASAP SILSophia".

Also, changing the font in that selection automatically updates the font listed under Default/Fallback. It seems to be impossible to select two different fonts for these values...maybe that's by design? If so, perhaps unchecking "Allow use of bitmap fonts that have not been mapped" should gray out the Default/Fallback selection.

Winamp Information:
Version: 5.03
Skin: Modern Skin
Install: Installed over 5.02
Plugins: No 3rd party plugins

My System Information:
OS: Windows XP Professional SP1
CPU: AMD Athlon
Video: ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500
Sound: Creative AudioPCI (ES1370)
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