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Winamp Won't Load

I tried to search, but it's broken, so sorry if this has already been answered. I just installed 5.09 and it crashes before I can load anything. This is the error I get:

AppName: winamp.exe
ModName: msvcrt.dll
ModVer: 7.0.2600.2180
Offset: 000037c7e

Basically, when I try to start Winamp, I see a corrupted skin, and then it crashes. Nothing will load at all. Winamp 5.08e works fine. I tried to uninstall 5.08 and reinstall 5.09 but it didn't help. Anyone happen to know what could be the problem? Thank you for the help!

Oh yeah, I have Windows XP Home, 512 MB RAM, 1.7 GHz Centrino, and an ATI mobile video card.
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