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I know this is going to sound completely crazy.

Since I installed 5.23 if I have more than one custom colortheme in "Winamp\Plugins\ColorThemes\Winamp modern" the first (alphabetically) custom color theme is shown perfectly. However the second one doesn't load all the settings so looks like the "default".

Note this is the filename of the theme not the "gammaset id=".
(This occurs if colorthemes are stored in separate xml's if you put all colorthemes in the same xml this doesn't occur.)

If I rename one that doesn't display correctly, so it comes first alphabetically, then that one displays perfectly and the following custom ones won’t.

As I said - I know it's crazy... but I just spent over half an hour testing this and renaming the custom theme that didn't display correctly to come first alphabetically works everytime.

I've reinstalled winamp, removed plugins - cleared all settings.

This still is the case.

Please tell me there's a logical reason for this - I think I'm losing my mind over it.

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Hmm, yeah, there might be something funky going on there. I suggest that you post in the Modern Skins forum instead, for clarification/confirmation/etc.

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