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The latest in_midi (3.11) plugin seems to be unexpectedly buggy. Many of my midi files won't play, and some even crash the plugin with a divide-by zero.
Also, most (if not all) now seem to cut off slightly before the last couple of notes.
For the record, if I replace the plugin used by 5.2 (the next oldest I have - in_midi 3.1) none of these problems exist.

Examples: (Loops/ends at the very beginning) (refuses to play at all) (Crashes with div-by-zero or freezes Winamp)

These happen to be examples of this behavior that I could find links to, but I ran into each with more than a few files through my rather large collection. For the moment I've dropped back to in_midi 3.1, but hopefully this'll be fixed in the next release.

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Already fixed for 5.25 (or whatever release version is next).
All 3 of those MIDI's play fine with in_midi v3.13 from latest internal beta.
Note that the problem was the same as the one reported by BugMaster 3 posts up.
Also note that doesn't allow external direct linking, heh.
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