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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Hi Everyone,

The 3 files I looked at with MP3 Diags are:

Dan Winter and Rob Mayth - Dare Me
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Tenderly
Frank Sinatra - Fools Rush In

Bottom line, MP3 Diags found problems in all 3. All 3 played before and after MP3 Diags 'fixed' the problems it could (see below). All 3 crashed Winamp using "Send to:" to auto-tag them before and after the MP3 Diags fixes.

I expected this result since MrSinatra ran them (or others in the group) through MP3Val and even stripped tags and they still crashed Winamp using "Send to:".

Anyway, for what it's worth, this is what MP3 Diags found. It noted that all 3 songs do not have an APIC frame. This is not a problem since none of the files have embedded art. All 3 songs have the following 4 issues and MP3 Diags was able to 'fix' them by removal.

1. Invalid ID3v1.1b tag. Invalid characters in Name field.
2. Unknown stream found. Since other streams follow, it is possible that players and tools will have problems using the file. Removing the stream is recommended.
3. Unsupported Ape tag. Tag missing header or footer - begins with: "APE" (41 50 45).
4. Unsupported stream found.

The song "Dare Me" also has the padding in the ID3v2.3 tag too large, wasting space (MP3 Diags was not able to fix this, and is not really an error, imo).

The song "Fools Rush In" also has VBR with audio streams other than MPEG 1 Layer III (MP3 Diags was not able to fix this). The song is also encoded at 22,050Hz and 64,000bps (this is quality issue rather than an error, imo).

All 3 songs also have this curious comment, "Auto Tag Killer". Maybe WordTickler can shed some light on this. Were these files ran through some kind of tag remover app at some point?

These files are definitely dodgy, as Batter Pudding says. But it is curious that the flag DrO mentioned allowed them to work with the "Send to:" auto-tagging method. If anything, this proves to me that Winamp is very robust at playing poorly made mp3s and it does auto-tag these files through the direct tag editor (Alt+3) method, so that is a plus also.
I am the one that placed "Auto Tag Killer" in the comments of these files. It allowed me to see them in a list and avoid inadverdantly trying to Auto Tag them.

I guess I should not have stopped at just looking at 7 files. The problems you are seeing are in files I didn't look into. As for the 4 that were ripped using Winamp, if someone needs to know which ones they were (after making a case that it really is important), I'll go back into the files and identify them.

Actually, guys, I've really been trying to stop any further troubleshooting of this issue as I have already spent too much time on it. That's why I asked, early on, who I would need to get the files to. I was thinking the programmer responsible for maintaining the Auto Tag code would have far more tech at his/her disposal to find the problem. I simply wanted to prove that the problem can be reproduced at will.

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
has anyone tried converting one of these problem mp3s to FLAC and then doing a send to gracenote?
Yup, MrSinatra. Converting to flac still crashed it for me.
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