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Originally Posted by WordTickler View Post
I guess I should not have stopped at just looking at 7 files. The problems you are seeing are in files I didn't look into. As for the 4 that were ripped using Winamp, if someone needs to know which ones they were (after making a case that it really is important), I'll go back into the files and identify them.
not necessary, i'll explain...

Originally Posted by WordTickler View Post
Actually, guys, I've really been trying to stop any further troubleshooting of this issue as I have already spent too much time on it. That's why I asked, early on, who I would need to get the files to. I was thinking the programmer responsible for maintaining the Auto Tag code would have far more tech at his/her disposal to find the problem. I simply wanted to prove that the problem can be reproduced at will.
we're obsessed nerds, we enjoy this kind of thing actually, when we're not attacking one another. u can def feel free to step away, u've more than done your duty. (i'm a vet too btw)

DrO is a dev, and he has now contacted gracenote, exactly as i did, only more officially.

Originally Posted by WordTickler View Post
Yup, MrSinatra. Converting to flac still crashed it for me.
this is why it doesn't matter what ripped or made the files. it likely isn't encoder related since this is the case.

i think something about the results crashes the DLL. perhaps the DLL isn't unicode, and it gets back chars it can't handle?

what will be fascinating to find out, is what was the common characteristic to all these files that caused the crash? its amazing you found 39 examples when i've never seen this once. and its also interesting that they all seem to be in the easy listening type genre, which i also have a good amount of.

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