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I've had it brought to my attention that Ad supported streams are now being offered with shoutcast If you stream using radionomy's servers.
firstly, it is _only_ on hosted streams via this new service that ads will be injected (subject to the conditions in the FAQ in - more details will go into it as things develop).

if you're running a DNAS yourself, there is _no_way_ to do what is being offered and for those thinking that are very much mistaken. as it could only be done with legacy DNAS if the stream is relayed between the DNAS and the listener and that's just a ridiculous thing to attempt to do.

there will also be a standalone version of the DNAS provided later this year (as noted in the sub-forum related to the service) where it will be able to be configured to make use of the features for use by hosting providers (CDNs) and other stations which don't meet the broadcasting requirements for the hosting service now being provided. and if you don't like it / trust us, then you will still be able to force the DNAS to 'private' mode and do as you like.

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Isn't this just going to piss listeners off?? I know when i listen to internet radio I switch stations off tht have adverts in the stream.
that is your decision to not listen to such stations and yes it will probably annoy some users (but that's to be expected with anything) and what is being done is far better than the crap that US users had to put up with (and was going to be rolled out globally at one point) where when accessing the streams via the SHOUTcast site there were pre-roll ads before listening to a stream and every x plays / minutes in the flash player used at the time.

and it's not like most stations or even other platforms don't already have some sort of ad-driven model to keep them going as is. it's just how things are and for some it isn't acceptable but for most it's just something you get on with and is no more different than what commercial radio has been doing for decades and people still keep tuning into that!

this is all about choice and having SHOUTcast be more involved in the ecosystem that it's spawned over the years (which it should have done but didn't and almost led to it's demise). and the broadcasters accepted onto the new service get something back so as long as it's something they're happy with (they don't have to sign-up if they don't want to) then they get something back and a hopefully dramatic cut in costs to be broadcasting - now you cannot say that's not a good thing?

and finally as per the current FAQ, there is a certain level of control available over how and when the ads will be inserted, which based on the number of existing Radionomy streams, broadcasters and listeners on there seem to be ok with anyway.

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Also does this mean If you stream through the shoutcast service that radionomy pay your royalties for the stream?
no, the broadcasters need to pay for royalties

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this is the same business model most free stations hosting companys have. Nothing new here.
exactly and at least this way, the broadcaster is going to get revenue back on things as well by being part of the service.
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