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I bought the BD of Star Trek. I could pick on it here or there.

Did we spend a couple bucks making this? I think they tossed money at every frame. Wow!

It is hard to believe Abrams actually used film. That may be part of a dying breed of film in the use of anamorphic cameras.

This trekkie, later a trekker, and later bored with the Star Trek franchise ..ok I liked Jolene Blalock.. well like Kirk... "I feel young"

Bravo for a terrific resurrection of a long gone friend. How Abrams got some of these shots. including using a Budweiser brewery as an engine room is inspired. Watching the "extras" disk is a kick too. Watching JJ beat up a Panaflex to make it jiggle is fairly funny. Writing the computer simulation of JJ beating up a Panaflez... inspired..

It has to be the most outstanding marriage of CG and reality I have ever seen.

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