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Originally Posted by waterhand View Post
First off, thanks so much for giving Android a proper music player.

There are some things I would like to see happen (if possible):

1) I really enjoy the crossfade feature in Winamp. Will it be coming to the Android version?

2) While listening to music, when a text or email is received, the song cuts out to play the notification sound. Other apps, like CardioTrainer, allow the notification sound to play on top of the song (the song is just dampened a little). That would also be a great feature.

On a great note, I am so very happy that Winamp will play right after a call has ended. For some reason, the Android music player and other music apps do not do that any more. Great work!

I look forward to the finished product!
Ditto to the crossfade suggestion... been looking at Android as a O/S for simple radio automation... Any thoughts in this regards?

Chris in New Zealand.
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