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which is doing the same as a link to download it on a preferences page (*). doing multiple installers just becomes a headache and tbh i just don't want to have to setup things like that. and installing things post-install for only when they are needed is a more appropriate option for such functionality.

as for the deprecated essentials plug-ins, i don't plan on doing that either (for those that will still exist) as it's then just be better to implement them all 100% natively and remove the need for the plug-ins in the first place. plus the plug-ins you'd want aren't the same as what others want and i don't want to go down that route either of people complaining that x and y are included and z isn't - it's just simpler to not include x, y and z (or just do it natively and have done with - which in the long term is probably better with the demise of plug-ins).

(*) which is something that is going to have to be done in a number of areas going forward anyway due to licensing terms which prevent native inclusion - so it's not like it's not going to be the possible norm for certain features anyway.
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