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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
1 question. Has the idea of adding command line support been dropped? Being able to run unattended regular backups via the Windows Task Scheduler (WTS) would be another big boost to it's usability. For now, I using the WTS to just start the BT weekly (at a time I'm usually at my computer) to remind me to do a backup.
I've implemented command line support in Winamp Info Tool already, but I'm not too sure about BT, just starting it from within Winamp would be ok, because the step by step wizard is essential for the tool.

I also added some things to make a 'possible' integration more easy for both tools in the past, e.g. that's why their store they own running path in the ini files.

Though, as DrO said, these are only ideas and nothing was decided yet.

I will take a look at the user base of the tool and may then decide how much time I will spend in future on it. I have a lot of ideas, but tbh, the current download rate isn't really great and spending tons of hours for something which is used by a few people only is frustrating.

Additionally I have the feeling that some significant real life changes will come in future, but that's may a feeling only.

PS: I'm sitting without DSL at home because of my great ISP, so I'm not able to do much Winamp related stuff at moment.
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