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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Good to hear that my pessimism is not warranted.

Sometimes it's hard to tell which ideas are being actively pursued and which are just going on the 'to-do' list or being examined for their merit.
from my position, anything which helps to diagnose and resolve issues is something that if i have to do it on my own time needs to see improvements and integration where viable to do so. definitely the info tool falls into that scenario and BT as well (but to a less extent) as simplifying the ability to get an info report (especially in the crash log scenario as mentioned) is more helpful for us. yes BT is important to be accessible, but a crashing Winamp is not going to entice people to try to keep using it and thus lessens the importance of BT - as why backup things if you can't get Winamp to run anyway.

not knocking BT, but in the scope of the two tools, Info Tool is far more useful from the view point of continued Winamp development.

as for a lack of interest to download things, lack of knowledge, lack of interest and lack of need is the most likely reasons. as most Info Tool reports are going to happen if there's an issue. if people aren't having issues then there's not much need to use it. yes i know people like to post their configs, etc but it's niche in comparison to the main usage that the Info Tool generally has.

similar things are the likely scenario for lack of BT downloads (though downloads don't necessarily relate to actual usage) and is more likely the lack of knowledge and lack of interest.

Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
I also hope, in future native winamp client will support it in some way gives also possibility to use another tools.

I thought myself to do it like:
- Create special plugin that support info tool/backup tool.
- Plugin should display settings page, where user can:
a) set path to tool he wants to use
b) set command line for chosen tool
c) set time/date for autorun (even silent run) of chosen tooll
yes it makes sense but its complicating something that i intentionally want to keep as simple as possible. plus targeting just one tool (especially one that is the officially recommended one to use for support issues) is really the only viable option that i can go with for the time being. i know you've got your own tool, but in comparison, it's not going to fit in with things like the crash report integration i also want to do - thus needing consistency in the handling of things and supporting different tools sadly doesn't fit in with that requirement. i will keep the suggestion in mind.
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