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Thank you both for testing, good idea Pawel, will tweak that a bit.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
In my case the .zip archive took 1 minute and 56 seconds to make and the .7z took 5 minutes and 19 seconds. Over twice as long to save 156,245 KB. It's good to give users a choice, but in my case I'll stick with the default.
Wow I thought my backup was big with 157.187KB zip and 134.087KB 7z.
7z needs ~25seconds longer than zip, but I guess this depends on the CPU etc too.

I understand Pawel's point, but selecting stuff to be restored that is not in a particular archive would just be ignored won't it? I mean it won't cause the tool to hang or crash would it?
Correct, it will only skip files which are not present, it's a cosmetic thing only.

I guess you could add date stamps to the log files names (so that they could be matched with the archives), then the tool or the user could query the backup logs for what's in a particular archive.
These logs are mainly for debugging, honestly i don't want to fill the users disks with tons of logs, then I have to add the ability to clean logs etc too.

As it stands now the logs are overwritten when new ones are created. I've been making copies and manually modifying the logs names to have a way of checking what was put in a particular archive and what was restored. This makes it easy for me to restore older files (e.g. a plug-in configuration that I want to return to) instead of the most recent ones, when I have a need to.
I could add the backup log directly to the relevant zip/7z archive but for restore mode, it has to stay in the BT config folder. Dunno if it would be nice to fill systems with tons of log files, tbh.
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