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I'm using the newest 5.666 Winamp.

on the ATF page, when you edit the ATF string, you will be asked to re-build the titles on closing the prefs page
it was asking me that when I close preferences, and when I was doing it on my main 20k+ list, Winamp was just not responding. And when I reopen the playlist, it's just like nothing happened.

But in the meantime after posting this thread, I figured out that it works on small playlists, it DOES refresh.
And on my computer, if I try 1000+ songs playlist and change ATF and close preferences, Winamp hangs for a long time...
It also hangs for a long time when I tried your solution (I waited like 20 minutes) to select all songs and then press Ctrl+Alt+E.

But thanks for that Ctrl+Alt+E shortcut, I didn't know about it. So I figured out how I'm going to do it:
I can just select songs by for example, clicking 1. song, and then shift-clicking 500. song.
That would select all songs in between. And then, I can press Ctrl+Alt+E, and it would refresh those first 500 songs. And I can do that like 40 times. Not fast, but at least it works if I'm not doing it frequently (and I wanted to do it only once).

So the problem is kinda solved
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