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Hi garetjax !
Congrats on your "new" site... this is the place to find skins now ! And also, congrats on the way to download skins... finito those horrible .zip skins from deviantART !!
I'm not a skinner, just an admirer & your skins are amongst my favourites, along with a few from peacemaker such as Remnant, Necromesh... My favourite of yours are Srii & NecroMesh II.
There's a question that bothers me: why are most of the Winamp 2 & 3 skins with an AVS non-skinned??
Many of your early skins don't have the AVS (visualization) skinned. I think that's a pity, because if you have 4 windows on your desktop (Main, Eq., Viz. & Playlist Editor), it detracts terribly if the AVS is unskinned.
Can't you go back on some of your older skins & skin the AVS now ??
I encounter the same problems with the artists mentioned in a very interesting article I found in deviantART, an excerpt of h, the piece beeing titled: Winamp Skinners:Elite Class.
You are mentioned, I'm sure you'd enjoy reading it if you haven't done it yet !
Now, I'm going. Hope to have an answer !
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