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Hi Satuim,

In addition, if you are using a Windows version newer that XP, the OS tries to be helpful by creating folder art for your music folders that the Explorer file manager uses. These folder art files are marked hidden, so you have to enable the options to show hidden and system files in Explorer in order to see and delete them. After the cleanup, you should disable those options again to help prevent 'accidents' with important hidden/system files. It may be helpful to also enable the option to show filename extensions, if it is not enabled already.

There could be more than one of the same image, with different file names, added to each folder. The trouble occurs because one of these filenames is one of the ones that Winamp looks for when selecting external albumart to display. The rules Winamp uses for selecting albumart have been posted several times. You can find them with the forum's search tool.

Explorer will use the image files that you provide, but the OS from time to time will override or add to them. I'm not sure what triggers the OS to do this, but it uses WMP to download the images. So if it is feasible for you, you can disable WMP's web access to prevent this from happening.

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