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WMP/Zune/Xbox Music Player - all do record locking on album art while indexing/playing or updating. This will prevent Winamp from reading through the list and caching album art/images/covers.

There are settings with WMP to prevent this; however there are not for Zune/Xbox (these rely on Group Policy Exceptions or registry entries). In any event, the real issue here is that one is overriding the other and/or locking the ability of Winamp from being able to correctly index/read album art.

>Ctrl+T (opens tools menu)
>Uncheck "Retrieve additional information over the internet" box


How to Prevent From Updating Album Info Again:
>Go on "Windows Media Player"
>Click on the tiny arrow at the bottom of "Library"
>Click on "More Options..."
>Uncheck "Retrieve Additional Information From Internet"
>Click "Ok" |
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