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I'm not sure I understand what winamp is being blamed for here?

WMP is crap, but I know well how it works. it very often times will seek out music files and update the tags / art for any it finds without asking and in the background.

for art, it has the very bad manners of replacing existing files. WMP may read embedded art, but it does not itself embed. it places hidden / system attributed files in the folder in which the music files reside. it will even replace its OWN DL'd art if you have more than one albums worth of files in a given folder.

it gets its art from

it places 4 art files in a folder. it used to be 2 of 200x200 and 2 of 75x75 but that may now be different since ROVI bought allmusic and upgraded the art at their website. one file is named Folder.jpg (a 200x200 one) ...the rest have odd names.

all winamp does is use whatever art (as per its own protocol) it finds in a given folder, (assuming it finds nothing embedded). so what is winamp doing wrong?

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