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Originally Posted by garetjax View Post
There are settings with WMP to prevent this; ...
I had disabled the option you indicated and still would have artwork added from time to time. Since I've blocked WMP's web access, I've not had this happen. I don't know if this is really working since I don't know what triggers the OS to use WMP to add the artwork in the first place. Maybe I just have not done whatever it is. Maybe IE would be used in the background if WMP can not be.

I have my Windows Explorer set to use thumbnails instead of icons. Sometimes after a reboot some thumbnails are recreated. Maybe this has something to do with triggering the artwork creation.

I only use embedded art so this is not a problem for me with Winamp. But many users prefer to use external image files and Winamp gets blamed for what Windows is doing.

When I look at the root folder of my music folders I should see an image of a folder with 2 artwork images in it for each of the subfolders. The 2 images are the embedded images in the 2 most recent files within each subfolder. When the OS adds artwork, the image of the subfolders affected contain only 1 image. This is how I know the OS has added artwork.

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