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that screenshot helps a lot. it's because it's matching to a folder.jpg in the folder where the files are (as shown just above the image itself).

so technically Winamp is doing things correctly for how it has been coded to do since it will go from embedded to a range of other image matches to attempt to find artwork to show, which in a number of cases is not going to be correct (as you're seeing) but that's the effect of trying to guess.

so if you're not liking what it's finding, you need to go through and determine which folder.jpg are not right and remove them (that's the easiest starting point).

i've got it in on my long list of things to look at to provide a means to control what artwork and in what order it is used by Winamp. but for the time being, you're going to have to do some tidying up of the artwork in the folders where you've got your media stored.
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