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Originally Posted by Satuim View Post
5.666 (latest build)
Windows 7
When WMP isn't running, it is the same.
Any file type, MP3, ACC.

This will affect any file type without art and will be pixelated.
The tampered album art will not appear in something like MP3Tag.

I have disabled the option in WMP and now I need to know the directory where WMP keeps it cache.
Originally Posted by Satuim View Post
Yep it appears as though it is added but in MP3Tag it isn't there!

Even worse it appears on .wav as well! And I don't think .wav can even handle tags...
mp3tag does NOT by default show folder based art at all. you need to configure it to do so.

I don't understand why you think winamp is doing something wrong? it merely is reflecting the dumb things you are allowing WMP to do.

move your files to a place where WMP is not "aware" they are, and configure WMP to not be able to update files, or connect to the net. do the last bit first.

then, put your files in a one album per folder structure.

doing those things should straighten you out. making hidden and system files temporarily available to be seen in windows explorer should allow you to clean up any mess WMP left behind.

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