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To a User: Regardless if it is WMP/XBOX Music or otherwise, Winamp was doing something incorrectly. Even, if reality is that the others were.

To a User: Regardless of your 'understanding' or not. The error existed to them; the fix of course is to not allow WMP to create 'album art';

To a User: You are stating "..dumb things you..."; hardly helpful and downright rude in my assessment.

Record Locking occurs with Windows Media Player and many other players based upon the same system of indexing. This is a reality; no mincing of words here. It also adds attributes (R A and H). Again, no mincing of words stating factual representation of the issues as they will relate to Winamp.

In truth WMP was/is doing what WMP is supposed to do and Winamp was/is doing what it was supposed to do. The issue exists because, they do them differently -rightly so.

Again great solution overall. |
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