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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
how is that a solution?
It is a solution. I don't recommend it because it would cause people to change what they have become comfortable with.

Winamp no longer downloads artwork itself, but even when it did users could use artwork they acquired themselves as long as it met the design naming rules. These rules already allow other names (using them is not as popular as simply using "cover" or "folder").

WMP comes with the OS and is on more systems than Winamp. So the argument could be made that Winamp should adjust to what WMP is doing. I'm not making that argument.

It is fairly simple for Winamp users to adjust and do what they need to do to avoid the problem, once they are aware of the issue. Maybe using "cover" instead of "folder" would be a solution too, since "folder" is the last name Winamp looks for, afaik, and "cover" is not used by WMP, but "folder" is.

Maybe "cover" is used by other apps. Having apps use unique names would solve the problem.

I avoid it all and the need to put songs from different albums in separate folders by using embedded art. But, I also only use formats that allow that.

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