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the screenshot (which is not final and just something i knocked up, but covers the basics from what is listed at shows what could be done with the artwork handling as a basic implementation so it's possible to control how Winamp does its artwork against how it currently works.

i know there's also been numerous requests to control the order of some of the aspects and i've still to think through whether to do it or not (since it'll add complexity to the lookup) or i can just enable it for the few cases requested (like albumart.* before folder.* lookups or something like that).

either way, it's a starting point for artwork control (and is reasonable to add a preference page for it due to the control needed) which may help for the issue this thread raised of how to cope with interoperability with other clients and differing file handling (one folder vs specific folders, etc). though it has to be realistic that embedding (despite it wasting space on albums) is the better option to ensure the correct artwork is provided from the correct file as everything else is effectively sensible guessing which gets fuzzier the further you go down the list.
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