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i said that some sort of control of the order would have to be considered, but it introduces the potential to break things and needs to be done right if it is done.

a generic image match is really not a good idea (even if it's off by default) as that's too vague and would very likely cause more complaints than the folder.* matching causes when enabled.

the whole point of the current order is to go from most specific to the least reasonable but still vaguely specific match (as the best chance of the correct match is what has to be done by default). going one more and matching to any random file just makes me cringe.

which is also why folder.* is near the bottom of the list as it's often vague as just because you and others organise things by folders (which makes folder.* viable to use), many do not and care not to do so and so making the defaults more likely to cause issues for those means the defaults will unlikely be changed from how they are already (and if anything, folder..* is more likely to be moved to the bottom of the list and disabled by default as it's the prime reason for the majority of reports about bad artwork).
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