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Cool No Adobe Flash Playah for 3DS UGH! + It would be awesome if Winamp for 3ds would be a

UGH! It annoys me that Nintendo no giving 3ds Flash player! That's dumb! And annoying! For the Wii, haha yes but only lower,We should send to Nintendo for giving 3DS a Adobe Flash Player! and not the lower ones! and,it would be awesome if Winamp would exist in 3d for The 3DS as a 3DSWare,that would be hell great! I mean,who wants a Ultimate Player in 3D for a 3D Console? I want! Who thinks that Winamp would be available for the 3DS?

Red:Lets make a Drive test!
Blue:What does that mean?!
Red:Chicas loves Winamp! -walks slowly off- Winamp! Winamp! Winamp! Winamp! Winamp! Winamp! Winamp!
Blue:Red? Wait for me!...Marco? Marco??
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