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Winamp for Mac - hotkeys for skipping through a track?

Hi there. Sorry for the newb question. I've used Winamp since around 2000 on PC. I wound up getting a MacBook Pro - I run Traktor on my Mac, so have a load of untitled files of recordings on there that I want to quickly scan through. Some are 2 or 3 hours long so I want a hotkey that let's me easily do this.

What I love about Winamp on PC is how I can quickly skip through a music files with the left / right arrow keys, and up and down for arrows for volume. Soooo convenient and practical. I wish all music players had that interface.

I hated iTunes, so this weekend past, I found a safe Winamp for Mac download and got it up and running. The only problem is, I can't use the old controls I use on the PC to skip forward and backward through a music file.

I googled, i tried all kinds of keys, but nothing did it. Am I overlooking something obvious? Can i make the right / left arrow keys my hotkeys for backwards and forwards?

thx in advance

PS I also posted this same post in the Mac-sync board on this site, before realizing it was the wrong place. unfortunately there was no way for me to delete that post
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