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Originally Posted by LoRd_MuldeR View Post
I probably could add the build number too. But what do you need the build number for?
Please do so, at least for the VerifyOSVersion function. My current usage is verifying the version info reported by WinVer.nsh against the "real" OS version. At the moment WinVerGetMajor, WinVerGetMinor and WinVerGetServicePackLevel can be verified using StdUtils.VerifyOSVersion, but WinVerGetBuild cannot.

Originally Posted by LoRd_MuldeR View Post
Also, using the VerifyVersionInfo "trick" will probably be much more inefficient with such large values, as used for the build numbers...
Probably true, at least for GetRealOSVersion. But I was more thinking of adding the build number to VerifyOSVersion, which should hopefully be more straightforward.
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