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Mac OS ever a possibility?

I've had a look at the latest beta build and I have to say Winamp has come a long long way and truly is an amazing media player. Now having being a Windows user since ME I've decided enough is enough with it as Vista is too bloated and I now love Mac OS. I think Winamp is great and would love to use it on Mac OS so I have several queries:

1. Has anyone started or considering porting or creating Winamp for Mac OS?
2. Will it ever happen?
3. There was a media player called Macamp although I don't think it was related in anyway to Winamp. The name could possibly assumed if Winamp ever came to Mac OS.

IMO Mac OS is in need of a media player which can provide so many great features and options like Winamp and I would truly be happy if it were to arrive on Mac OS.
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