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So all the motion parameters are handled within MilkDrop's vertex shader? I was kind of expecting that a couple were handled in the fragment shader to make their quality independent of the mesh size. Since you seem to know a fair amount about this, I don't suppose you know what warp, warp size, and warp speed ACTUALLY do?

Truth told, I am attempting a MASSIVE project - coding a MilkDrop-like package built in Flash. I've always wished MilkDrop was more versatile at integrating with other applications, and wanted to have active control over it with buttons, sliders, and the like. Since the semi-recent implementation of the Stage3D API (graphics acceleration in Flash), the project has become, at the very least, a possibility. A few weeks ago I decided I was sick of waiting for someone else to make one - especially since it would likely be proprietary - and started coding one myself. I wish to stay true to the original where possible.

Presently 'Stillicidium' is in a very infantile, pre-alpha stage. I have a couple basic content generators working properly (custom wave, border), some useful utilities (color conversion, mesh generator), and am working on the first incarnation of the rendering engine, which is mostly complete. It can't take audio yet, but I figured I should probably get the basic visual stuff set up first
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