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Shoutcast playlist.

Our radio is looking for a PHP script to get a full playlist from autoDJ & liveDJs.
We need the playlist for GEMA (to give a credit to musicians), its official and It should be full (tracklength, times, "played" counter).

Is there something that can gather all the data from shoutcast ?
Currently it shows only the last 10 songs and there is no option to save it into a playlist.

And all scripts what we found are designed for showing the current song, not for saving the playlist.

P.S.: sry for my english.

P.P.S: other question, is there a easier way to stream with Traktor Pro to shoutcast ?
My current system looks like this > Traktor Pro > Icecast server > Stream Transcoder V3 > Shoutcast server.
So i got a huge delay, up to 80sec.
Currently looking for an easier system, maybe all-in-1 tool to pick up the icecast stream from Traktor Pro and stream this to shoutcast... Titlestreaming is important and its the only way i know how it works with Traktor & shoutcast..
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