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Both versions of your plug-in fail to work in my configuration. When starting playback, I get a YASAPI error message that says "AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT". Then when I click ok, to acknowledge the error message, Winamp crashes leaving "winamp.exe" running in the background.

I think this happens because I'm using another plug-in just ahead of yours in my processing chain. This other plug-in (Matrix Mixer) up-samples the decoded mp3 stereo input signal (16bits@44.1KHz) to 24bits@96KHz (to match my soundcard driver format settings) and up-mixes the stereo channels to 6 channels (to match my soundcard driver channel settings for my 5.1 speaker system).

If I'm right, which part or parts of the input signal is/are not compatible with your plug-in?

I can let Windows do the up-sampling and up-mixing (to match my soundcard driver settings), but it didn't sound as good as when doing the processing in Winamp. Of course I can change my soundcard driver settings to match the source material, but I'd rather use the full capabilities of my soundcard and speakers. The only WASAPI plug-in I've found that worked for me (and provided the up-sampling and up-mixing that I want) is the abandoned "Maiko" output plug-in. I had to stop using Maiko because the last version released causes problems with the "Jump to File Extra" plug-in.

So I'm back to using Matrix Mixer and the official DirectSound output plug-in to get the processing that I want (what I was using before finding Maiko), but this combo only supports shared mode. Maiko's exclusive mode sounded noticeably better and I was hoping your plug-in would too.

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