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FreeBSD Bugs.

First of all streaming on demand doesn't work if path doesn't end with a slash /
Can anybody put a comment about it in sc_serv.conf ???
It took me hours to get here!!!

Second of the same, sc_serv makes crash dump every time I'm trying to broadcast from localhost. Although it seems to work with remote winamp DSP.
I can't test if this crash can be remotely exploited, but it should be.

I've tried:
icegenerator 1.5.3 - sc_serv crash dump with correct dj pass

<05/28/04@16:48:17> [source] connected from
<05/28/04@16:48:18> [source] icy-name:exhale6 ; icy-genre:Trance
<05/28/04@16:48:18> [source] icy-pub:0 ; icy-br:192000 ; icy-url:
<05/28/04@16:48:18> [source] icy-irc: ; icy-icq: ; icy-aim:
<05/28/04@17:01:25> [SHOUTcast] DNAS/FreeBSD v1.9.4 (Mar 17 2004) starting up...

shout 1.8.0 - seems, that it transmits something, sc_serv is silent (but running). Terminating shout with ^C terminates sc_serv also. Seems like shout bug, because password doesn't matter and shoutcast log is clear, except for:

<05/28/04@18:12:23> [source] listening for connection on port 8001
<05/28/04@18:34:06> [main] SIGINT; exiting!

sc_trans.. well, it seems to work, but.. it eats CPU greatly. Is it possible to stream without recoding?
Grrrr... sc_serv terminates when client exit!..

FreeBSD 5.2.1
Dual PII 266
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