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Has WINDOWS Hijacked my MEDIA program?

I run Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and this is not the place and there is not enough time left in 2012 to spell out how I am so done with MICROSOFT. What this is about is how very annoying WINDOW MEDIA is when any attempt is made on this OS to install a non Microsoft program. WINAMPS is a great player and so far I've been able to work around MS so I can make WINAMPS my default player. Today I found a very old short video in AVI format and while converting it for my phone (3GP) I somehow missed that it was defaulting to WMP. (I can't explain it either) NOW... The SOB's at Windows have hijacked everything and except I dump all MS, which crashes W7 and it's BSOD nightmares- never goin there again until I can replace all with LINUX - So WINAMPS users who have experience with WINDOWS proprietary bull crap, can any one suggest how I might "partition" MS completely away from anything I use, like WINAMPS?
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