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Winamp is not playing files with Japanese characters

I have some music files with Japanese characters in the name and path, i.e. they are in sub directories with Japanese names and their parent directories also have Japanese characters.

When I add the parent directories to the playlist (drag & drop / "Enqueue in Winamp"), winamp cannot display their titles properly (only a bunch of questions marks) and more importantly, winamp can no longer play these files.
The playlist also marks them as missing files, but obviously the files are still where I saved them and have not been moved.

But when I open their location in the windows explorer and select "play in Winamp" from the context menu on the files themselves, they are played properly in winamp and winamp can also display all Japanese characters perfectly.

I am using Winamp 5.63, free version (winamp563_full_emusic-7plus_en-us.exe).
I have no plugins installed and use the default Winamp modern skin.
OS: Windows XP SP 3
DirectX 9.0C
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