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Registry plugin


- Powerful registry search:
   -fast algorithm
   -principle of turn in stack (first in -> last out)
    i.e. search from first registry key to last
   -search for key, value and/or string in any root
   -search with name and/or type
   -search with banner support
   -search with subkeys or not
- Read value of any type
- Write value of any type
- Create key
- Delete key       (same as DeleteRegKey)
- Delete value    (same as DeleteRegValue)

Some performance info:

Search in all HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE where 60351 keys, 84714 values, 84714 strings

Search only NOT existed value:    (/K=0 /V=1 /S=0 /N=`#Not Existed#`)
  With /B=0: 0 min 9 sec 580 ms
  With /B=1: 0 min 16 sec 300 ms
  With /B=2: 1 min 19 sec 486 ms

Search any keys, values, strings:  (/K=1 /V=1 /S=1 /N=``)
  With /B=0: 2 min 46 sec 664 ms
  With /B=1: 2 min 56 sec 974 ms
  With /B=2: 6 min 2 sec 668 ms
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