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New: "PPC-Registry" plugin - registry plugin for Pocket PC. All thanks to Thomas Bednarz (Smart Solutions AG)

Changed: registry::Read reduce number of parameters

Fixed: registry::SaveKey does not convert short roots to long (HKLM->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE)

Updated: "ConvFunc.h" to v1.5

Updated: "StrFunc.h" to v1.6

Changed: Now plugin used header "Registry.nsh" ("PPC-Registry.nsh") for custom user variables and
              better compile errors check.

Update from previous versions:
         - Insert line in script:
            !include "Registry.nsh"
         - Replace:
            registry::Open -> ${registry::Open} ...
         - Replace:
            .r0 -> $0, .r1 -> $1 ... .R0 -> $R0, .R1 -> $R1 ...

"Registry" plugin v2.0
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