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Streaming input plugins.

So I've been mulling around in my head for a while about how to best go about adding proxy/https/authentication support to in_bpopus.

Today I remembered seeing some funny WASABI objects in the components list on my last gen_bpthinktink report:
  • URL Manager API {B5E9E32E-4C4A-49D6-804F-8858B396F27E}
  • JSAPI2 Security API {D8BA8766-E489-4CFC-8527-9F3206257FFC}
  • Winamp Javascript Objects {53CCACEF-1EFE-4060-8D09-329AD0D4F9C4}
  • Winamp URI Handler {800A9A73-8891-4892-AEEB-FF970B16A39D}
  • Download Manager {9E5E732A-C612-489D-AB52-1501E1AF1710}
  • HTTP reader {BC10FA00-53F5-4032-A009-022B87EC3404}
  • Resource reader {C975969A-5DFD-4F2B-B767-4EDC6C7D6484}
  • JNetLib HTTPGet {12475CD9-1BA3-4665-B395-F87DBF31E30F}
  • JNetLib Connection {049E1B1E-56DF-46E0-B88F-E7E319F131DD}
  • JNetLib SSL Connection {8F0B5D22-699B-486B-B39D-650E5B09C1F1}
  • JNetLib Asynchronous DNS {F0435E72-5A1A-4D57-A9E2-3FDC421C1010}
  • JNetLib WebServ {A8880018-C62A-4F58-8B43-F424C9C01787}
  • OmBrowser Object {D5325EAB-9BD7-4382-A31D-38EF603061B3}
  • OmServiceManager Interface {BB0A9154-6D31-413B-96FB-9466E535E0C4}
  • OmUtility Interface {14E8C9B6-1BA4-4E8D-AD26-FA848813CC5B}

I then remembered someone mentioning to me a setting in the preferences for proxy connections:

So my question is, are there any WASABI components that can help me do this already, or otherwise assist me in my endeavors?

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