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Displayed bitrate of VBR-MP3s in Main Window

Compared with Winamp 2.91, my Winamp (5.02) changes the indicated bitrate of VBR-MP3s in the Main Window very slowly (only about 1 time/2 sec). In Winamp 2.91 (was installed on same PC), it changed up to 8 times/sec

CPU: P4 2.41 GHz
OS: Win2k Pro SP4
Sound: Avance AC'97
Graphix: ATI All-In-Wonder 9k
Winamp: 5.02
DX: 9.0b

[Edit --> DJ Egg]

afaik, this was a fix. Basically, the refresh rate was decreased to lower cpu-usage. However, I'm not so sure about only once every 2 secs... sometimes, yes, but sometimes mine still changes 2 or 3 times a sec :/

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