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So, yeah...if you read earlier in this thread (my first post == the second post on this thread), I had already tried and noted this option. However, I explained in this post, and more thoroughly in later posts, why I didn't consider this a solution to the problem. And it is a problem, as many of us have pointed out, because these options did not have to be unchecked in 5.01 in order for the delay to disappear.

There's probably some reason this wouldn't work, but it seems like there's a pretty easy solution to this: go back to the code from 5.01 for enqueing the songs from the media library -> playlist, see what the differences are, and figure out where the inefficiency is. If you designed it in C++/perl, I could probably even do that (of course, it would take me longer, since I don't work @ Nullsoft for a living).
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