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Well, that shouldn't matter. Regardless if WinAmp opens the URL to the file located on a web server or a script that reads the file (from elsewhere) and sends the file data, it's the exact same bit stream that reaches WinAmp.

Somehow, if the URL doesn't have a .mp3 extension, WinAmp ignores to show the tag info. From the previously attached picture it clearly shows that WinAmp does see & read the ID3v2 tag, since it detects that it's 241 bytes, it just ignores to show it. And as I wrote before, if I load the same URL (with the script) in WMP, it works. I'd say this bug/feature isn't fully working yet.

I put a test file on my web server, and opened the full URL in WinAmp, e.g. and the file plays and the tag shows. Then I set the default document in the web server to be "file.mp3" and load the URL into WinAmp. The file plays but the the tag doesn't show, only the URL. This although the file is still in the same place on the web server, no script involved. Clearly, WinAmp ignores the tag if the URL doesn't include ".mp3".

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