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RE: Genre drop-down in the “File Info” window is NOT populating correctly for FLAC fi

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
is really going to need a small sample file - only thing i can think off (without looking at source code) is the genre may have a space or other whitespace character which is causing the automatic lookup to fail and it defaults to 'rock' for some reason. as the library just shows what is entered, it would look ok.
So I wanted to test your theory a bit DrO. I have a mix of FLACs that I downloaded and ripped myself. It seemed odd to me that they all would have the same issue with the tags given their varied sources. Thus, I made sure to check a sampling that included both downloaded and ripped (using EAC) FLACs. All displayed "Rock" in the drop-down regardless of the actual value for the Genre tag (which is correctly displayed in both the Media Library (ML) and on the "File Info" window's "Advanced" tab).

So then I took my most recent FLAC (downloaded) and updated the Genre via the drop-down in Winamp. I changed it from 'Classic Rock' (displayed in the drop-down incorrectly as 'Rock') to 'Pop'. I clicked Ok, and the ML immediately updated to 'Pop' as expected. Then I went to the next FLAC, and the next, and the next ... they all now show 'Pop' in the drop-down regardless of what is actually saved to the tags and displaying in the ML.

It seems the drop-down is displaying whatever value was last used (instead of pulling the value from the selected FLAC).

Does this new angle on my bug report help?
Can anyone replicate this now?

If you need a small test FLAC file I can make you one. But it doesn't look like the forum accepts FLACs as attachments to posts.
What is the best way/site to get the file to you?
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