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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
That page is broken for me.
That URL does go to the original Shoutcast "play in Winamp" site.
In the past, I could go there to play radio, without problems, in my Winamp.


Maybe there is something missing in my Winamp installation?
Is there any Internet Explorer setting or configuration that must be used?
That used to work for me too. Now after the search page loads, my Winamp configuration tries to load "". This site no longer responds and the internet connection is dropped, so I can't search for and start Shoutcast radio stations from within Winamp.

This is a result of the sale of Winamp, some servers (URLs written into the Winamp code or search page script) supplying ads for generating AOL revenue are no longer available.

Like you, I can get stations to play in Winamp when I select them with my external browser (if .pls files are associated with Winamp). I can also get stations to play if I enter their correct playlist URL via the main context menu's play command. I will use these methods until the new owners sort out how they will allow Shoutcast access from within Winamp.

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