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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i doubt you will be accepted as this is primarily for larger stations for the time being and as you only seem to average a handful of listeners, i expect you'll be rejected. but then i could be wrong...
Thought as much! But hey at least I tried.

Why there are such strict rules on how many TLH you have is beyond me. Why do they even bother with the service if they are just going to pick n choose who can and who can't use the services.

Aren't us hobby broadcasters important enough to to the Men In suits in Belgium?

Surely everyone should be able to use a service such as this.

No matter your listener counts etc ... It's like oh sorry your only small fry therefore we don't care for you.

The whole setup stinks if that is the case.

I guess the guys in suits who run Shoutcast now only care about profit margins and spreadsheets without thinking about everyone else.

I could be wrong but i think i'm right.

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